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Fan surprises with a crossover of Komi-san and Chainsaw Man

The fan-fiction are stories that fans create to “satisfy their own needs”, and consist of creating an original story starring the characters of an already established work. Fan-fictions are usually created in romantic comedies, to create a story where a certain girl wins or in drama stories to create “happy endings”.

However, the reputation of fan-fiction went downhill when countless stories of the yaoi genre began to emerge, that is, stories about the male characters becoming a couple and having sex. These stories are generally written by women, but they become so viral (due to the fact that users on social networks share them “out of curiosity”) that they end up being “the face of fan-fiction.”

Fortunately, it’s enough to go through the world of this type of derivative stories to know that fan-fiction does not only focus on stories about homosexuals and, in fact, there are a wide variety of ideas roaming around. For example, the Twitter user “@TheMaker___” recently stood out when creating a story where Shouko Komi, from Komi-san wa, Komyushou Desu (Komi Can’t Communicate) appears in the world of Chainsaw Man.

  • The user shared the fan-fiction short in manga format, and also shared it in narrated video format for lazy fans. In the story, we can see an identical beginning to Komi-san’s original story, but it takes a turn when he meets the “Demon of Silence”, with whom he makes a contract to enter the world of Chainsaw Man. [Algo importante es que este manga se lee de izquierda a derecha].

Of course, this work attracted comments from the artist’s followers, highlighting:

  • «One, this alternate universe of what would happen if the events or events of Chainsaw Man occurred in Komi-san’s universe, and two, don’t suck, and three, more than an alternate universe seems like a crossover, in my opinion of course»
  • «I love your manga, well done».
  • «It is indeed literature. You really have to continue with the fanfic, it’s great».
  • «I loved this story, hopefully you can continue it as it looks very interesting and I’m sure it would be very popular».
  • «it’s epic».
  • «Reminds me of Sonic.EXE».
  • «Damn, these are sucker fan-fics».
  • «Yeah, this interests me. Now that Marin is Power, Tadano is Asa and Nayuta is Nagatoro».

Fountain: @TheMaker___ on Twitter

The Fan entry surprises with a Komi-san and Chainsaw Man crossover was first published on Kudasai.

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