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Fans debate the ‘magic attack’ that fell on Ukraine

On more than one occasion we have seen anime stories starring some magical attack, especially the explosive type. like the one you make Megumin in Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! (KonoSuba!) or the one that makes Tohru in Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon. In the latter, Tohru feels “offended” when Kobayashi sets off some fireworks called “Dragon’s Breath“, which result in a rather simple display. Consequently, Tohru fires her dragon breath into the sky, creating an impressive light show.

In the case of Megumin’s explosion, it’s a bit less showy, especially due to the fact that the entire light show takes place during the utterance of the incantation. The explosion is just that, an explosion that destroys everything in its path. However, it turns out that a video about the war between Ukraine and Russia became a trend in the commentary forums in Japan, since it shows a rain of lights very similar to the one seen in Tohru’s scene..

This led Japanese fans to claim that “Russia had launched a magical attack on Ukraine“, but the reality is quite far from this. In fact, while the light show is certainly beautiful to see, it is deadly artillery that Russia is using. In short, the video is actually a live attack on Ukraine.

It’s known as “thermite ammunition,” and some claim it’s one of the most terrifying weapons Russia has at its disposal. The fascinating images of thousands of lights falling from the sky in the middle of the night are the result of the combustion of concentrations of aluminum and mixtures of reactive metals ignited by magnesium, which burn at a temperature above 2500 degrees Celsius.

They are lights so hot that they are capable of melting and burning everything, from metals such as steel, to flesh, muscle and bone if they come into contact with a person’s body, causing terrible burns. Then, the video shows the ammunition attack ends safely on one of the defensive positions of the Ukrainian army, and the rain is generated by the mid-air explosion of the Russian missiles that carry the deadly luminous charge hundreds of meters high, which allows to cover a wide area of ​​fire and destruction.

So now you know, no matter how beautiful it looks, it is not a light show, much less a “magical attack”, but a deadly weapon that is even prohibited by some treaties. And what does something like that do in Kudasai? Well, because it became a trend in Japan, just that. We can even find some comments about it:

  • «I think each of these sparks of fire is over two thousand degrees.».
  • «It seems too soon to be Christmas».
  • «It seems less powerful than an explosion, but the roads literally melt with this».
  • «I think I saw this in Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway’s Flash».
  • «I remember watching something like that in Metal Gear».
  • «Did a dragon shoot its breath nearby?».
  • «It looks beautiful, but it’s scary».
  • «I saw it on HUNTER x HUNTER».

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