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Fans regret that they will not be able to see Makima’s butt in a collaboration

GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE is a quite popular video game for smartphones, but not because of its gameplay, but because of a much more effective advertising element: the waifus. The title is a third-person shooter video game (even with an automatic mode), where the girls usually appear behind some element, which involves them getting down on one knee and because the player is in rear perspective, they get a general look at their butts.

Yes, just as you read, that is the main attraction of the video game. And what would be the way to add more interest from potential players? Well, obviously do collaborations with other franchises, and knowing the immense popularity it has Chainsaw Manit was logical that a collaboration with this franchise was going to happen at some point.

so announced GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKEwith a collaboration that will begin on February 22 within the application:

In the video we can see the appearance of different characters from the franchise, such as Makima, Himeno, Aki Hayakawa and power. As we already mentioned at the beginning, the attraction of this video game is the waifus, so it is understood that Denji (Chainsaw Man) does not appear in the promotional video. However, it seems that fans have started to throw some criticism, such as the fact that the characters use weapons that are not in the original work.

But the most relevant criticism would obviously have to do with the main attraction of the video game. And it is that in the promotional video you can see that Makima wears the characteristic raincoat of her uniform as a demon hunter. Covering her entire back, this garment could prevent players from getting a close-up look at her butt, as other characters in similar attire go through the same thing.

Chainsaw Man Makima

Finally, let’s review the most outstanding comments:

  • «What worldview are we talking about? Chainsaw Man or NIKKE?».
  • «Will Makima also use a completely different weapon?».
  • «Himeno looks pretty ridiculous with that weapon».
  • «It doesn’t matter, I just want to see Makima’s ass».
  • «Wasn’t that the point of collaboration? See them use the weapons in the game and see their asses?».
  • «Those weapons look more like a collaboration with Halo or something.».
  • «I think by keeping the character designs, they had to add the ridiculous weapons to make sense of the collaboration.».
  • «I just want to see them shake those asses».
  • «I really don’t get the collaboration with Chainsaw Man, it’s supposed to be a game about girls shaking their ass».
  • «Himeno is probably the least relevant character there, I’ll just roll to get Makima and Power».
  • «Makima is wearing her trench coat, so you probably can’t see her ass».
  • «I like the giant lighter that Himeno carries. oh! Is that his weapon?».
  • «Knowing the history of Chainsaw Man, isn’t it ridiculous to imagine Makima and Power shooting, hiding behind rocks and reloading their gun?».
  • «Sorry guys, but I want to see Aki’s ass».
  • «Wouldn’t it have made more sense to collaborate with Lycoris Recoil?».
  • «The collaboration will not make sense if they hide Makima’s ass».

Fountain: Yaraon!

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