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Fans surprised by the high quality of Sousou no Frieren — Kudasai

As you probably already know, the anime adaptation of “Sousou no Frieren (Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End)” is currently in its final stretch, with only four episodes remaining. However, the quality of the adaptation by Madhouse has continued to impress viewers with each new episodeand this aspect recently became a trend on social networks.

If you are a reader of the original manga, you will be aware that the combat scenes are the weakest point of the work of “Sousou no Frieren”, this is because many attacks were “taken for granted.” That is, many moments of combat were omitted, showing only a small explosion and continuing with the characters’ dialogue.

It is somewhat complicated to explain, but the impressive work of Madhouse studios will surely clear up all doubts. For example, in the next scene of the Magical Examination Arc where Denken and company fight the Frieren clone, the clone launches an attack that forces them back. While the manga shows a small explosion and only covers four panels, Madhouse extended this scene dramatically.

Sousou no Frieren

These types of comparisons are what have become a trend in recent days. A Twitter user wrote about it: «Even though the scene of Denken and the others fighting the gargoyles only has two panels in the original manga, the anime adaptation greatly expanded this scene with fantastic art. It’s amazing that there are directors who can expand the original manga in this way by turning it into an anime. Even though Sousou no Frieren is going through problems with so many suspensions in the manga, one can tell how well done he is.».

And of course, this whole matter did not happen without comments on forums:

  • «The battle scenes were always the weak point of all Sousou no Frieren, but Madhouse and Keichiro Saito came to correct all this».
  • «The drawing and animation of the anime are spectacular».
  • «A perfect execution that even makes you appreciate the work of the entire production team».
  • «I just saw it, they definitely know how to get the most out of every painting in Sousou no Frieren».
  • «There is as much disparity as in Shingeki no Kyojin. The manga drawing was shit, but when transferred to the anime it is incredible».
  • «The battle scenes didn’t make much sense in the manga, but in the anime they are adding a lot more details so we know what is happening».
  • «The original version of the manga avoided problems by omitting many combat scenes, especially since its main theme was to be a slice-of-life. The intention is clear in the anime adaptation, and they have not disappointed at all».
  • «It is a great anime adaptation that complements the original manga very well.».
  • «Sousou no Frieren is simply spectacular. If they announce a second season, I hope that the same team is maintained and that the same thing as with Mushoku Tensei does not happen».

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