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Feminists propose to ‘sexualize men’ in the manga

On more than one occasion, the franchise based on the manga of Kimetsu no Yaiba (demon slayer) has been the subject of certain controversies by the feminist collective in Japan, most of them centered on the “sexualized representation of female characters” It’s not the first time we’ve talked about it, and it certainly won’t be the last, however, unlike previous controversies that have arisen outside of Japan, the most recent one comes directly from Japan.

It was the Twitter user “@lemonpie0720” who shared an update including a screenshot of the character Mitsuri Kanroji of the franchise Kimetsu no Yaibabetter known as the “Pillar of Love”, and wrote:

  • «Characters with big breasts have been appearing in shonen manga for a long time. But, from the female side, does it mean that I can draw a character with a big penis, and another with a small penis, separately? He would be so sexualized as to be uncomfortable».

It is worth mentioning that Kimetsu no Yaiba It’s not the first nor the last shonen demographic manga to use big-breasted characters, but simply use it to exemplify criticism for the fact that it’s extremely popular. In fact, it’s funny that he chose a work drawn by Koyoharu Gotouge, a woman. However, the peculiar proposal of “do the same, but with the size of the penis” did not go unnoticed on the forums in Japan, inspiring comments such as:

  • «It seems like a good idea to me».
  • «I would be very curious to see how they implement that idea, while I still enjoy big-breasted girls.».
  • «I don’t care much about perspective, whoever it comes from. In fact, jokes about big penises always make people laugh.».
  • «Whatever you want, I don’t even come close to manga aimed at women».
  • «Do you see men exposing their dicks in the streets? No, right?».
  • «I think it would be a comedy story, as opposed to the big-breasted girls that fit into any story. Now do you get the point?».
  • «Believing that a pair of boobs have the same “relevance” as a penis demonstrates the ignorance of some women».
  • «And why do you suppose women are interested in seeing a big dick in a manga?».
  • «In fact, it would be more realistic to talk about the height of the men, instead of the size of their cocks. It’s what really matters to a woman».
  • «In the world there are women with large breasts, medium breasts and small breasts. But haven’t you thought that only being offended by big breasts in manga is a form of discrimination even to your own gender?».
  • «I don’t care, and in fact, the cock size joke is recurring in shonen manga».
  • «The only thing equivalent to the size of a woman’s breasts is height in men. Why did you think it would be penis size? Do you see that we measure the depth of the pussy?».
  • «In Golden Kamuy there are endless jokes about penises and penis sizes, and we male readers are amused».
  • «A man’s pride is in his height, not in the size of his penis.».
  • «It would be fun to see the idea in action, and realize that these women have never seen a penis in real life.».

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