FINALLY there is news about season 3 of the anime… but it’s not good

Season 3 of the anime “One Punch Man“It is one that is driving us ALL crazy. It has been more than a year since it was announced and yet we still have no details of any kind, and the worst of all is that it is impossible to know when new information about the project is planned to be shared. Well, it has been now Yusuke Murata, the person in charge of the “One Punch Man” mangawho has momentarily broken the silence that governs the return of the adaptation, but He doesn’t do it precisely to leave us good news.

Yusuke Murata will unmask himself from the third season of the One Punch Man anime

Basically, Yusuke Murata himself has left the next tweet a few hours ago to clarify his position regarding season 3 of the “One Punch Man” anime:

one punch man
The artist of the One Punch Man manga breaks his silence on the anime

Indeed, Murata-sensei has stated that He is NOT working on the “One Punch Man” anime. Why was this clarification necessary?

  • Yusuke Murata has been working with your own anime studio, an indie project of which he has been sharing small previews over time. 😮
  • Specific, Murata-sensei’s best-known anime for now is Zaiyuki, which, although it has not yet been fully published as such, has been shown through very organic animation samples. 😎
  • The artist of the One Punch Man manga has found it necessary to clarify that he was not working on season 3 of the One Punch Man anime since, following some recent tweets about a project he is working on, some had misinterpreted that his studio was potentially in charge of the return of Saitama and company. And at the end of the day, at this point it has not been reported which studio will take on the challenge of animating One Punch Man again. 😶

Honestly, it is quite disheartening that after so long the only thing we have about the “One Punch Man” anime and its third season are rumors and denials. It makes you wonder what state the project was really in when it was announced, since it is certainly rare in the industry for an anime to be announced and remain completely up in the air. In fact, I am convinced that in the last 5 years it is a situation that can be counted on the fingers of one hand. In any case, things are as they are, and we have to keep waiting.

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