First he was the author of Dandadan, and now the author of Chainsaw Man also recommends this new fantasy manga

Tsutomu Nihei seems to have managed to find a new work that is really causing a stir among some of the current fashionable manga artists.

A few weeks ago I told you about “Tower Dungeon“, the new fantasy manga I had started working on Tsutomu Niheioriginal creator of a work as successful as “Blame!“. At that time the manga in question began to gain notoriety as a result of the recommendation of the author of “Dandadan”, something that already gave him enough integers. But if that were not enough, it now turns out that Tatsuki Fujimoto, the author of “Chainsaw Man,” is also jumping on the “Tower Dungeon” ship.

Tower Dungeon goes on and on: is it really the new great fantasy manga?

Below I tell you the most important thing you need to know about “Tower Dungeon” and its current rise in popularity:

  • As I have already mentioned, the news of the day has jumped with Tatsuki Fujimoto’s recommendation of Tower Dungeon. The author of Chainsaw Man is today one of the manga creators in the highest general esteem by readers, so it’s easy to see How this public comment in favor of Tower Dungeon makes more than one give the work a chance. 😮
tower dungeon (1)
Tower Dungeon was first made known thanks to the recommendation of Yukinobu Tatsu
  • The situation with Tower Dungeon has not changed much: it is a VERY recent manga that debuted with a first chapter of almost 100 pages last November. Since then another 4 chapters have been published at a rate of approximately one new chapter per month. Indeed, Tower Dungeon is simply taking its first steps. 😎
  • For now There is no information about an international release of the Tower Dungeon manga.. Although it seems that in Japan it is beginning to gain popularity at a good pace, the truth is that in terms of the West, at the moment no publisher or online reading service has yet spoken out. 🤔

To refresh my memory, I remember that “Tower Dungeon” revolves around the kidnapping of a princess who must be rescued from a mysterious tower. In this sense, the dungeon-type exploration that can be seen in works such as “Tower of God” or “Dungeon Meshi” is very relevant. Come on, what If you like fantasy stories in which the protagonists must progress through a structure full of mysteries and dangers, then it is quite likely that the new thing from the author of “Blame!” will convince your creative palate.

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