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First images of One Piece ‘Live Action’

And when no one expected it, it ended up happening. We finally have the first promotional images of the long-awaited ‘Live Action’ from the manga one piece that is simmering for Netflix. And not only that, and it is that thanks to one of the images published in the official accounts, we can also find out when your launch window will be. Finally news!

Remember that the series is being produced by Tomorrow Studios (the same person responsible for the failed adaptation of cowboy bebop) and own Shueisha and will be supervised by Marty Adelstein (producer of Prison Break) and the direct involvement of the author himself, Eiichiro Oda. As for the cast, the series will feature Inaki Godoy In the role of Monkey D Luffythe protagonist, Emily Rudd What Nami, Mackenyu What Roronoa Zoro, Jacob Romero Gibson What usopp Y taz skylar What Sanjiin many others.

The crew is about to set sail

And so, with some suggestive images from behind and facing the sea, luffy and the Mugiwaras They are finally seen characterized and announce when the series will see the light: 2023 will be the chosen year. Unfortunately, we do not have a more exact date, although we imagine that after this first contact, new news will be arriving more fluently in the coming weeks. What we do know is that, unfortunately, too much time has passed since that first official announcement in 2017. Although if all this time invested is for a better result, the wait has been welcome.

Monkey D Luffythe undisputed protagonist of one piecewill be interpreted by Inaki Godoy.

Of the little we do know about the series, is what stories this first season will adapt. And it is that throughout the presumable 10 episodes of which this first approach will consist, will adapt the entire saga of East Blue with their respective bowssuch as Romance Downthe one of cheapness and others we previously reviewed here on super fiction.

As to whether the series will live up to the source material, we don’t know anything either. What we do know is that the author himself, Eiichiro Odahas been directly involved and that his feelings are not only very positive, but he is also visibly excited about the result. Be that as it may, the challenge of translating the work into a real image must have been daunting and, regardless of its outcome and whether or not the result convinces the fans, It is very difficult to become a profitable product as we told you a few months ago.

First promotional image of all Mugiwaras in front of the crew boat, the Going Merry.

And up to here the preview of the live action of one piece, What do you think? Does the advance convince you? Do you think it will be a worthy adaptation? Remember that, as always, you can tell us about your impressions and theories in our account Twitter.

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