First official teaser trailer for the film by the Holy Kingdom Arc

Overlord” returns this year to continue leaving us with the story of how Momonga must create the most fearsome empire of all… or not. The only thing that is clear is that this next feature film in the franchise will be in charge of dealing with the events of a whole new bowfacts that by the way have been seen in motion for the first time through the first official teaser trailer of the ‘Holy Kingdom Arc’.

The next part of the Overlord anime can now be seen in action

And without further ado, I leave you with the video in question so you can take a look:

Below I comment a series of things What may interest you about this next phase of the history of the “Overlord” anime:

  • To begin, I remember that For now, the only confirmation we have regarding the release of this film is that it will debut in Japan throughout 2024.. Indeed, there is not the slightest clue about the premiere in the West, so I personally would not rule out 2025 seeing that as of today there is not a single specific date confirmed. 🤔
  • I remember that Overlord currently has 16 published volumes of its light novel, while the film in question is expected to leave the adaptation in what would be its 14th volume. 😮
  • Although it has not been officially commented, this may be the reason for the change to the film format: that the anime is catching up with the light novel. With only a couple of volumes to spare, it should not be ruled out that from now on the Overlord anime would continue to opt for the feature film format in order to continue being published without endangering an unwanted surprise. 🤨

And right now we can only continue waiting for the whole issue of the premiere of the “Overlord” movie to become a little more concrete. Sincerely, I think we are still months away from the feature film seeing the light, because as I say from Japan they have not specified if the premiere will be in summer, autumn or whatever and, furthermore, for now we only have the small teaser that I have shown you. Come on, between one thing and another I see it as easy for the debut of the ‘Holy Kingdom Arc’ not to arrive until the second half of the year.

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