Fluffy Paradise Novel Series Getting Anime in 2023

Fluffy Paradise Novel Series Getting Anime in 2023

Last Saturday there was the opening of a Web page on the occasion of the announcement of the anime fluffy paradise (Isekai by Mofumofu Nadenade Suru Tameni Ganbattemasu). The website revealed that the series will be released sometime in 2023 and also that It will not be based on the novels. originals, but in the manga adaptation made by Yuriko Takagami. To celebrate the news, the mangaka posted a commemorative illustration.

Fluffy Paradise Commemorative Illustration

Himawari started posting fluffy paradise in 2012 as an online novel on the self-publishing website Shōsetsuka ni Naro, where it is still published today. In 2016 the publisher Futabasha acquired the rights to the work and began its publication in print format with illustrations by kiouranhaving launched on the Japanese market 14 volumes under his seal M Novels f. On the other hand, the manga that serves as inspiration for the anime began its serialization in 2017 in the Gaugau Monster from the same publisher, accumulating a total of 10 volumes compilations.

Fluffy Paradise novel vol 1

Midori Akitsu ends up in another world after dying from… overwork!? I reincarnated in another world after God blessed me with a special ability. This ability is “being loved by non-human beings.” Hey!? Does it mean that humans may not like me, but all furry animals will like me? Oh! I will be able to pet a white tiger and dragons to my heart’s content.

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