Frieren announces its official prequel, and it will arrive this same 2024

Frieren“has become one of the biggest phenomena in the anime industry in years, and if someone asks me, the truth is that I wouldn’t know how to find a single fault with this adaptation by madhouse. Absolutely everything is exceptional, from the animation to the characters, and that’s why I’m not the least bit surprised that Little by little, more projects that expand its universe will be given the green light. Precisely, today it was confirmed that there will be a prequel to “Frieren”.

Everything we know about the official Frieren prequel

Next I leave you with all the details that ANN has been made public about what the prequel to “Frieren” will be and when it will be released:

  • To start, it has been confirmed that Frieren’s prequel will be seen released as a novel, and it will be released on April 17, 2024. 🥰
  • Who will be in charge of working on this content? Well no, it won’t be Kanehito Yamada (the creator of the manga story), but it will be a matter of Mei Hachimoku, known for being the original creator of the film The Tunnel to Summer, the Exit of Goodbyes. Of course, it must be clarified that Yamada-sensei will be in charge of supervising the content of the novel in question. 🤗
It will be interesting to see what stories this new Frieren novel tells.
  • Apparently, this prequel novel will be a collection of five short stories NOT ever included in the content of the manga. The main characters of these stories are the Frieren, but also Fern, Stark, Lawine and Kanne and finally Aura. Likewise, it is specified that the novel will revolve mostly around Frieren before embarking on a journey’to meet people’. 😮
  • Will it be possible to know the content of these stories in some other way beyond Hachimoku-sensei’s novel? At the moment that is something that is completely unknown. But who knows, maybe in the future it will end up being the stuff of an OVA or special episode of the anime. 🤔

I am curious to know what or how these stories in the novel will be, especially since it is mentioned that although they will deal with several characters, “Frieren” will apparently continue to be central to all of this. In this sense, it is possible that with Aura we see the previous confrontation with Frieren, and that the rest of the mentioned characters actually crossed paths in one way or another with the same elf but being simply kids. In any case, Anything that is more content for “Frieren” seems perfect to me.

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