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Frieren finally ‘graduates’ from school — Kudasai

Recently, a photograph of the graduation ceremony of the Sapporo Minami Institutein the Hokkaido Prefecture in Japan, became a trend because one of the students presented herself with a cosplay of the character Frieren of the franchiseSousou no Frieren (Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End)”.


In Japan, when a high school student finishes his studies, a graduation ceremony is held. All school staff and students celebrate this beautiful day together, but there is always a group of students who do unusual things to make the graduation ceremony a memorable day for everyone.

However, the Sapporo Minami Institute carries out the ceremony in a very particular way, where students are not required to dress up, but can wear the outfits they prefer the most. This eventually became a tradition, so the girl dressed as Frieren is not the only one who went to the event in a costume.

And of course, this whole situation did not go unnoticed in the comment forums:

  • «I would love my school to be this fun».
  • «A good example of why the most advanced schools are the most fun. That’s right, Sapporo Minami Institute has one of the highest averages in Japan».
  • «Aura must be back asking him to stay another year».
  • «It’s frustrating that my institute can’t do this even though it’s also located in Hokkaido. In fact, my school has one of the lowest averages».
  • «It is the best school in the region! The cultural festivals are of such a high level that you would never think they were from a public school».
  • «It’s not just for fun, it’s organized by one of the best schools in the region. It is certainly a rather curious detail.».
  • «It is definitely the school I would have liked to attend.».
  • «I’d like to say it’s my alma mater, but I prefer non-cosplay costumes. I would like to see some twist, like receiving the diploma after playing a song, or taking selfies with the director».
  • «A pretty tangible memory from when she got her first class magician certificate».

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