Frieren’s manga enters a new break, but it already has a return date

Tsukasa Abe and Kanehito Yamada will take a new break to regain strength

The last episode of the first season of Frieren: After Completing the Journey, one of the best fantasy anime of recent years. After conquering critics and making audiences cry, the original manga by Tsukasa Abe and Kanehito Yamada is becoming even more popular around the world.

However, it is important to note that this work is not always published smoothly. Both artists usually take several weeks off each year in order to progress the story comfortably. Continuing with this trend, today it was revealed that Frieren’s manga will enter a new hiatus.

Frieren’s manga will be on hiatus for more than a month

Frieren Fern Stark Sein
  • As reported from the account of Mogura RE Mangathose responsible for Frieren confirmed that the work will enter a new scheduled break after the publication of next week’s chapter (127)🚫
  • Fortunately it was clarified that the manga has an official return date
  • The journey of Frieren, Fern and Stark will continue with the 21/2024 issue of Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine that will be launched next day April, the 21st📅
  • As far as the animated adaptation goes, It is unknown if Madhouse is already planning a second season or if you will wait for the original work to advance a little more❓

Finally I would like to remind you that Frieren cannot be read for free from online platforms such as Manga Plus. To be able to enjoy this beautiful story, the ideal is to buy the volumes in physical format that Norma Editorial sells in Spain.

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