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From the author of Chainsaw Man, Look Back is getting a movie — Kudasai

Confirming the leak from a few days ago, a press release announced that the one-shot manga written and illustrated by Tatsuki FujimotoLook Back“, will have an anime film adaptation. The statement revealed the production details and listed that the premiere is scheduled for June 28 in theaters in Japan.

Besides, Tatsuki Fujimotowho is also the author of “Fire Punch” and “Chainsaw Man“He commented on this:

  • «This work was created to force me to digest what I couldn’t digest inside myself. I don’t know if I was able to digest it by drawing it or not, but I can only thank the many people who participated in turning this work into a film. Director Oshiyama is a monster animator who is no stranger to otaku animation, so as an otaku I am looking forward to seeing this work in the cinema».

For its part, Tatsuki Fujimoto published the original one-shot through the digital service Shonen Jump Plus from the publisher Shueisha in July 2021. In August of the same year, it was revealed that the scene showing a paranoid man entering an art school with an axe, claiming he had been plagiarized by a student, was altered upon publication due to negative reviews. . Many pointed out that this was a reference to the arson attack on the studios Kyoto Animation in 2019.

Production team

  • Kiyotaka Oshiyama (Chainsaw Man, DEVILMAN crybaby, Space☆Dandy) is responsible for project management in Studio Durian (Shishigari, Heikousen, Evangelion × Attack ZERO), and is also in charge of writing and supervising the scripts, as well as character design and animation direction.

Synopsis of Look Back

Fourth-grade student Ayumu Fujino regularly draws four-panel manga for her school newspaper and is praised for having the best artwork in her class. One day, her teacher asks him to give one of her manga spots in the school newspaper to a truant student named Kyomoto. When Kyomoto’s manga appears alongside Fujino’s, she receives high praise for her detailed illustrations, causing Fujino to become jealous.

Fujino refuses to be defeated by someone who barely goes to school and is dedicated to learning how to create manga. However, as time passes, his goal of eclipsing Kyomoto seems further and further away, and Fujino, now in sixth grade, eventually gives up and stops making manga. Graduation day arrives and Fujino is asked to give Kyomoto his graduation certificate. By chance, the two end up meeting face to face, and their unexpected meeting will end up having consequences far beyond what either of them could predict.

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