From where to read the manga after season 1 of the anime

Zom 100“has definitely been one of the most up-and-down animes of 2023; because it began its journey as what seemed like it was going to be a colossal hit… only to finally be hit by severe production problems. But ultimately the first season of the anime is already finished, and In anticipation of whether there will be a season 2 or not (which is totally up in the air), today I come to leave you the alternative of continuing the story through the manga.

What the Zom 100 anime has adapted to date

Obviously, for now the “Zom 100” anime only has its first season of content. With this the following has been adapted from the main manga:

  • Essentially, season 1 of the Zom 100 anime is responsible for adapting until volume 6 of the manga, specifically until chapter 22. This is something it has done with the broadcast of 12 episodes. 😉
  • As we have seen, this finale of the first season basically adapts the arc of ‘Hometown of the Dead‘ just like him little back trip that the protagonists carry out heading to Hokkaido. 😁
Zom 100

At the moment “Zom 100” It has no movie or spin-off of any kind that complicate viewing. It is what it is: a 12-episode anime.

From where the story continues after the end of season 1 of the anime

To progress in the story of “Zom 100” without having to depend on the anime, obviously yours is start in the manga from volume 7 (specifically chapter 23). This mainly collects the arch ‘Suite of the Dead‘, which logically should be the first ‘big’ plot that the anime adapts if it eventually returns for a season 2.

How to read the Zom 100 manga

Contrary to what more than one may think, the truth is that fortunately it is quite feasible to follow the manga from “Zom 100”.

  • At least in Spain, the main way to follow the Zom 100 manga is through the physical edition that Panini is responsible for publishing.
  • Today we have up to 13 published volumes of the manga, with the 14th listed for February 22, 2024. This implies that in less than 2 months we will be able to read up to chapter 54 of the main story of Zom 100.
  • In Japan, Zom 100 has currently published 15 manga volumes for a total of 58 chapters (the story is not over).

I think that “Zom 100” is a work that must be highly recommended as a manga for the sole reason that, as I have mentioned, Whether this adaptation will have a season 2 or not is a complete toss-up. We are talking about a show that has really had a brutal follow-up, but in the same way we cannot forget that it suffered a delay of 3 months for simply 3 episodes. I definitely wouldn’t rule it out completely, but if it has to happen it will surely be something that will require some time.

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