From where to read the manga after season 2 of the anime

Season 2 of the anime “Spy x Family“has left us with one of the most intense arcs to date, with that little cruise trip that saw Yor face dozens of assassins and Loid deactivate an immense number of different bombs. But logically the story of the Forgers is not over yet, and that is why today I explain to you What do you have to do to get on the manga bandwagon if you don’t want to wait for the anime to return.

What the Spy x Family anime has adapted so far

For now the “Spy x Family” anime has under its belt two different contents as part of the core of its story. These are the following:

  • anime season 1 adapted up to chapter 38 of the manga with a total of 25 episodes of the anime.
  • anime season 2 adapted up to chapter 59 of the manga with a total of 12 episodes of the anime.
  • In total, all this content corresponds to the first 10 arcs from the Spy x Family manga as well as a small portion of the 11th arc.
Spy x Family Loid Anya
You reading the Spy x Family manga at the end of season 2 of the anime

In case anyone is wondering What does the movie “Spy x Family Code: WHITE” adapt with respect to the manga, the answer is NOTHING at all. The feature film presents an original story that does not follow the events of Tatsuya Endo’s plot.

From where the story continues after the end of season 2 of the anime

Those who want to continue advancing the story of “Spy x Family” through the manga should do so reading from chapter 60. This continues with the events of the ‘WISE Arc’, which started precisely in season 2 of the anime (but without finishing it). It is to be expected, therefore, that a next season of the anime will focus on close that same arc as well as adapt others that arrive later such as the ‘Friendship Schemes’ or ‘Red Circus‘.

How to read the Spy x Family manga

Mostly there are two different shapes to stay up to date with the “Spy x Family” story, and these are the following:

  • Manga Plus: The Shueisha web service is responsible for instantly publishing the new chapters of the Spy x Family manga, which They are published every two weeks. Although it is only possible to find the 3 most recent chapters on the website, there are app subscription plans that allow access to a larger part of the catalog.
  • physical sleeve: As with so many manga franchises, it is possible collect Spy x Family in physical format. In Spain the editing and publication process is carried out by Ivrea, and here you can find the complete collection of volumes that they have released to date.

As a final comment, I will highlight that those who want to get on the boat of continuing reading the “Spy x Family” manga will find that there really is not that much additional material from the work at this point. Tatsuya Endo has created for now 15 manga arcs with 92 chapters in total, so starting from chapter 60 it is relatively easy to catch up with the publication, especially given the biweekly periodicity. It will definitely be faster than the process of waiting until a season 3 of the anime is released.

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