Full trailer for the One Piece prequel anime, premiering January 21

Every story has a beginning, and in the case of “One Piece“That beginning can go back to more than two decades ago, when Eiichiro Oda began to draw the great adventure of Luffy and company… or even to many, many previous decades (within the work) if one takes the story of Shimotsuki Ryuma. Because in effect, the OVA of “Monsters: Dragon Hell“is ready to immerse us in a story that rescues that zombie samurai from Thriller Bark to show it in your ‘prime’. Today, we have the final trailer for the anime.

This is what the Monsters: Dragon’s Hell anime looks like just one week after its official premiere

Without further ado, I leave you below the trailer in question, which has been shared on this occasion by Netflix Spain:

And now I tell you the most important things What you should remember about this adaptation:

  • To begin with, which is corroborated the January 21, 2024 premiere for the Monsters OVA. I remember that the date had previously been leaked by Netflix Brazil but it was believed that it could have been an error. Ultimately, there is no change about it. 😎
  • Secondly, I emphasize the fact that Monsters is simply an OVA. That is to say, no one expects a multi-episode anime in this case because all it does is adapt a one-shot by Eiichiro Oda from 30 years ago. Come on, the story is what it is and that’s it. 😉
  • It is also important to remember that The director of Monsters is Park Sung-hoo, who you will especially remember for having directed the first season of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime. In this case he returns to action with the first major project of his own animation studio: E&H Production. 😮

And this is everything you need to know about the premiere of “Monsters.” Initially the OVA will only be available on Netflix, which will not change for a long time unless otherwise indicated.. Likewise, I remember that this is not the only “One Piece” content that has recently landed on the streaming platform, since Since yesterday it is possible to see Egghead’s arch (although a week behind Crunchyroll). Come on, if you have Netflix and you are a fan of “One Piece”, you have a very interesting stage ahead of you.

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