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Genshin Impact and ‘Onegai Muscle’ meet in curious crossover

Rarely can an opening sequence “transcend seasons”, that is, that fans continue to remember it and even describe it as “unbeatable” every time a new season premieres. That’s what happened with Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru? (How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift?), the anime adaptation of a manga that went almost unnoticed, which immediately attracted the attention of all fans in the industry.

Both its opening sequence and its title song, titled as “Onegai Muscle” and performed by Ai Fairouz and Kaito Ishikawaimmediately became a trend and inspired a large number of fans to enter the gym (even if only for a short time). In short, the music video for this song already has more than 41 million cumulative views, and by watching and listening to it one can realize why it is so popular.

And, of course, something popular could only be paired with something equally popular, since someone in China, through the platform bilibilishared an edit that replaces the girls in the franchise with “Faruzán, The Enigmatic Engineer“; “Candace, The Golden Devotee“; “Dehya, The Fiery Lioness” and “Nilou, The Lotus Dancer” of the video game Genshin Impact.

The video attracted so much attention that it was republished on social networks such as Twitter and Reddit, which took it upon themselves to remove it from the Chinese platform to viralize it around the world. In fact, thanks to this, it was possible to obtain some continuous captures of the video, showing the work that was done on the original sequence to add the characters of Genshin Impactthe gacha video game that still enchants everyone.

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