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Genshin Impact: Fans do not know who paid the bill at the Archon meeting

On January 22, the video game development team Genshin Impact posted a special video titled “Lantern Rite: Dream Lanterns“, through his official YouTube channel. In the video you can see a scene where “The Seven Archons” they have a banquet, but this has generated a debate among fans of the franchise: “Who paid the bill?».

Inside the story of Genshin Impacthe Lantern Rite It is a festival that is celebrated in Liyue and that is in accordance with the Lunar New Year, a holiday in China. In the video you can notice a sublime animation that shows the characters having a feast. In particular, the scene where “Venti, the Itinerant Bard“, “Zhongli, The Wanderer of the Mortal World“, “Nahida, The Purifier of Plants“, and “Shogun Raiden, The Entity of Euthymia” clink their drinks, moved viewers, as these four characters had never interacted in the past.

However, the video also attracted attention from a peculiar angle. And it is that fans of the franchise have a rather interesting question: «Who paid the restaurant bill?». It doesn’t matter how “godlike” they are, they shouldn’t be able to leave without paying knowing they are present in Liyue, the “country of contracts”. In other words, it is natural to think that the account was settled somehow or by one of the four.

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Many opinions have emerged on social networks, such as: «Will the Seven have paid their bill properly?»; «Who paid for the food?»; and “Did Zhongli-sensei and Venti really pay for their things?“, among other. If one thinks from a sense of common morality, it is natural to think that the bill would be divided evenly between the four of them. However, Venti usually evades paying for the alcohol he consumes and zhonglidespite being the creator of the Mora (the money of the video game), always carry empty pockets.

Shogun Raiden and Nahida should also be in monetary misery due to the long periods of time they spent in isolation.. So the more you think about an answer about who paid the bill, the further you get from a solution. However, Among the players the theory has arisen that someone said: “I pay everything”, and the only character that comes to mind is “Tartaglia, The Eleventh Herald of the Fatui”. That is why comments like: «The millionaire prince sure paid the bill, don’t you think?»; and “Tartaglia also appears in the video, so isn’t it obvious?». In the end, literally, “only God knows.”

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