Ghost of Tsushima, John Wick Naruto and more among the main influences of manga

Kagurabachi“It is a work that many have liked, especially for its cinematic style and the spectacular nature of its action scenes, but where does the inspiration come from for Chihiro’s story to have such a unique and elaborate aesthetic? Well, It turns out that in one interview published by Manga Plus We have the answer to all of this. Of course, it must be said that it was not Takeru Hokazono who spoke in detail about everything about “Kagurabachi” as a manga, but its editor Takuro Imamura.

All the influences of Kagurabachi revealed by the manga editor

Next I leave you with all the comments that Imamura-san has made about the influences that “Kagurabachi” had in its making:

  • To begin, Imamura-san explains that Hokanozo-sensei is an en Western movie fanparticularly those directed by Tarantino. Likewise, he also says that it is a true fan of the John Wick saga, which is why Kagurabachi ultimately ended up being a revenge story similar to the concept presented by these brands. 😎
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Kagurabachi is the result of many different influences on its author.
  • Another great influence of Kagurabachi is Ghost of Tsushima, the successful PlayStation video game. As Imamura-san explains, it seems that Hokazono-sensei would have taken said IP the way the West attractively represents traditional Japanese themes. 😮
  • Logically, many of Hokazono-sensei’s influences do not come only from the West, but are found in Shonen Jump itself. The editor comments that the author of Kagurabachi LOVE Narutobut he also highlights other works that have helped him a lot in his career:
    • Chainsaw Man
    • Shingeki no Kyojin
    • Ajin: Demi-Human
  • Expanding on the topic of Naruto a bit, Imamura-san reveals that since Hokanozo-sensei grew up reading Naruto at the time, his desire to become a mangaka was born precisely from the work of Masashi Kishimoto. That is to say, of all his influences, it is possible that in one way or another Naruto is the one that has had the greatest impact on his work. 🥰

Although it is obvious, It is still curious to see how new generation mangakas grew up reading something beyond “Dragon Ball”. After all, there are so many veterans in the industry that on many occasions it is common to find that it was Akira Toriyama and his inimitable Goku who inspired him to launch into the world of manga. Therefore, the fact that the author of “Kagurabachi” has “Naruto” as the work that led him to take that step is the clear reflection that the times that are changing. Who knows, maybe in a couple of decades a mangaka will say that it was “Kagurabachi” that encouraged him to jump into the world of manga.

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