Gintama will return in the form of a new movie and will be released in summer 2024

Gintama will return in the form of a new movie and will be released in summer 2024

The new film will be titled Gintama the Movie 2D: Courtesan of the Nation Arc; and fans of the series will immediately recognize the part of the manga that it will adapt.

That’s how it is, the film of Gintama will be an edited compilation of the original Courtesan of a Nation arc –which is number 47, in case you want to dust it off before watching the movie–.

Although there will be a large number of villains,or more importantly, interesting characters are introduced, such as Gintoki’s teacher.Shouyou –the star of the arc, so to speak–.

The feature film will refresh the story, perhaps we can expect some twist, we will soon know since sIt is expected in the summer of 2024.

Gintama returns in summer 2024. Find out about its new project.
Source: Sunrise

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Where can I watch Gintama?

The anime series is available on Crunchyroll; which compiles the delivery into four seasons and reaches more than 200 chapters.

Furthermore, the official synopsis of the platform considers the following:

“The story of Gintama places us in a Japan subjugated by alien creatures known as Amantos. Thanks to these, the country enjoys excessive technological advances, but at the same time the human species has been stripped of the authority to watch over its own planet. To avoid war uprisings, the use and carrying of swords in any circumstance by earthlings has been completely prohibited, but even so in this new era there are people who remain faithful to their beliefs and traditions of yesteryear, as is the case of the protagonist. , Gintoki.”

Gintama It is one of the most popular comic shonen animethe series makes use of countless references from the shonen world in general and projects an even more complex canvas that makes unstoppable winks.

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