Given will end on March 30.

Given will end on March 30.

This last Monday of January the magazine Cheri+ through his Twitter account reveals than the manga Given will end the March 30th with the publication of the last chapter of the work in the following issue of the publisher’s magazine shinshokan, number 5 this year. In addition, that same day there will be a “important announcement» about this manga by Natsuki Kizu.

Natsuki Kizu publishes this Boy’s Love manga on the pages of the magazine Cheri+ from the publisher shinshokan since April 2013, the work remaining open today with 8 volumes in the Japanese market. In Spain the work is being edited by Milky Way Editionswhich has already published the first 7 volumes as well as the book of illustrations Given Illustrations. In the following link you will find the review he made Ramen for Two of this manga.

In addition to the manga, the story served as inspiration for a audio drama of 5 episodes produced by Crown Works and an adaptation to anime which is made up of a TV series of 11 episodes issued between July and September 2019, a movie of 59 minutes released in August 2020 and a OVA titled Given: Uragawa no Sonzai launched in 2021. Besides, it also has a live action series for television broadcast in summer 2021.

the anime of Given was encouraged by the studio lerche with Hikaru Yamaguchi as director of the television series and the film and Yuniko Ayana as a scriptwriter for both. Both the anime, with a television series, film and OVA, as well as the live-action are available in our country through crunchyroll.

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