Gleipnir will end with volume 14


Gleipnir will end with volume 14

The next January 19 It will go on sale in Japanese bookstores on thirteenth volume from the manga Gleipnir. As has been known, this will be the penultimate since the work of Sun Takeda will conclude with the next volume, the fourteenth. This does not yet have a release date in the Japanese market.

the sleeve of Gleipnir has been published in the magazine Young Magazine the 3rd of kodansha since October 2015 and the work in Japan remains open with 12 compiled volumes. This is Sun Takeda’s third work after Aruite Ippo!!, Haru to Natsu Y Sekainohate of Aimashou. Sun Takeda’s manga is being published in Spanish by Editorial Ivrea since October 2020, of which the first 11 volumes have already been published.

Furthermore, in 2020 the history of shuichi Y Claire leap to the small Japanese screen in the form of animea 12-episode television series broadcast between April and June of that year. Pine Jam was in charge of its animation with Kazuhiro Yoneda as the director and Shinichi Inotsume as the scriptwriter.

Shuichi is a high school student who has an unusual power that he cannot control: he is capable of transforming into a giant stuffed animal with supernatural strength and abilities, he could even look like the school’s mascot. One day he saves a girl named Clair from a fire with her power, but her base instincts play a trick on him and the situation leads to her finding out her identity, blackmailing him into helping her.

She explains that she is looking for her sister, who is also capable of transforming and killed their parents. But what they don’t expect is the attack of another monster from which they narrowly escape and which Clair sees only one way to defeat: unzipping Shuichi’s zipper and entering him. The two will literally share body and soul and the relationship of domination and union between them will go much further than they expect. And the origin of all these transformations will turn out to be most surprising.

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