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Goblin Slayer’s voice causes anger by saying that he ‘doesn’t care about the fans’

Certain statements by the popular voice actor Yuuichirou Umeharawho has appeared in anime projects such as goblin slayer, Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha (The Misfit of Demon King Academy); and The Idolmaster SideMThey have caused controversy. This is a comment made by Umehara on the radio program “Kotaro To Yuichiro Hyorotto Danshi“, which he presents together with another voice actor, Koutarou Nishiyamaand which aired on March 2.

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When the topic of likability was brought up on the show, Umehara dismissed it by saying, “It’s not something I really care about». Umehara then stated, “I don’t like the word “fan”», in that line, «I don’t like the expression “my fans”, do you? It’s not that I don’t like fans, it’s that I don’t like how it’s said».

Umehara also said that he doesn’t understand the psychology of fans, and He confessed that he only does the fan servicesuch as greeting and winking at events, because the production staff asks for it. And he went on to mention that he has no motivation in doing it, “I just do what production tells me to do, like “wink at them right now” or “blow them a kiss at this one”, actually, I have no intention of doing that.».

And continued: “Well, I think it depends on each person. I feel a certain emotion when I see someone give their fans what they want. But I also wonder how long he can keep that attitude in the future». It’s a kind of statement that only a voice actor so popular that he’s treated like an idol could make, but about this, comments surfaced on social media, such as: “The thing about him only being nice to the fans because they ask him to, I understand, but belittling the others who do it because they want to?“; “It doesn’t take a fan to know that you’re not happy with what you’re doing, but telling fans is just stupid and not thinking about the future.“; “The perfect excuse, but one that was unnecessary to mention“, among others.

While it is true that the young voice actors do a number of events and other activities that go beyond voice acting, it is also true that this time they have been discredited by fans. It doesn’t seem like Yuuichirou Umehara thought about the consequences in his words, will it affect his popularity in the future?

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