Goku’s actor in Dragonball Evolution pays tribute to Toriyama and apologizes for the horrible movie

Dragonball Evolution” can easily be found in the top 3 worst live-action adaptations in the entire history of the manga and anime industry, and the disastrous effects of its production were still noticeable until just a few years ago. But that does not mean that those who worked on the film in question will not love “dragon ball“. This is so for Justin Chatwin, the actor who played Goku and who now has a final message for Akira Toriyama.

Actor Justin Chatwin says goodbye to Akira Toriyama

It has been through his social networks that Justin Chatwin has made the following post in honor of Akira Toriyamaobviously after the sad news about the death of the creator of “Dragon Ball” was announced (via DBSHype):

dragon ball justin chatwin
Justin Chatwin’s small tribute to Akira Toriyama

What did Chatwin say to Toriyama-sensei? Well, the following:

  • The actor’s exact message is this: ‘Rest in peace brother. And I’m really sorry that we messed up so much with that adaptation..’ 🥺
  • In a time of widespread pain, the truth is that The community response has been commendable., showing all his support for Justin Chatwin who at the time had little control over what was going to be the final product of Dragonball Evolution. In the end, actors are ‘tools’ who are responsible for playing a role as instructed. 🥰
  • It is clear that in the live-action concept there is a bittersweet taste with the early departure of Akira Toriyama, because now that other projects such as One Piece or Yu Yu Hakusho seem to be paving the way again for these adaptations It didn’t seem far-fetched to imagine that at some point you could try your luck again with Dragon Ball. Is it still a real option? Well yes, but obviously it will not be the same as with its creator in life. 😥

If there is something good that has been seen during these last few days, it is that the love for Akira Toriyama unites us all. The loss of the teacher has been a reason for constant unity, and as he taught us through Son Goku and the Z Warriors, In the face of a difficult situation, it is necessary to join forces to be able to move forward.

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