Google reveals the most searched anime and Pokémon in history

The most famous search engine in history has made a very complete summary of his 25 years operating on the network. Throughout her life she has been collecting a lot of information throughout the world. Now, the Alphabet company has decided to share data with us like the anime or the most wanted Pokémon.

The most searched anime in the entire lifetime of Google

naruto the most searched anime on google

Some of us might think that the most searched anime would be One Piece or Dragon Ball. Because of its impact or fame, but no. The most searched anime in the 25 years of Google has been Naruto.
Actually, this has explanation:

  • Google was born in 1998 while naruto begins to be published one year later.
  • Kishimoto’s manga He has lived from his birth to his end with Google.
  • Also, Naruto has already ended and, although it has been very famous, there have been times it wasn’t easy to find.
  • This mystery of Naruto not being so easy to find has encouraged so much search.
    • Think that Dragon Ball was shown on any TV and other animes have not been as successful, especially with their ending or great climaxes.

The most wanted Pokémon

pikachu the most wanted pokemon

Pikachu. You don’t even have to think about it. The yellow mouse He has been the protagonist of a weekly anime from 1997 to 2023. It is and will be the most sought after pocket monster.

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