Great goal! Champions (Oliver and Benji) will arrive fully remastered on Neox

Much of my love for the world of anime and manga comes from the series that aired on the different television networks in Spain while I enjoyed my free time. I remember with great fondness enjoying Detective Conan, Dragon Ball, Doraemon, One Piece and of course Champions.

This series of so many names (in Japan it is Captain Tsubasa and in Spain it is Oliver and Benji) managed to completely hook me thanks to the passion he transmitted for football, my favorite sport. It is a work that even inspired great footballers like Andrés Iniesta, which is why It’s always good news that he returns to television.

Champions returns to TV in Spain

oliver and benji
  • To the surprise of all Spaniards, this afternoon it was announced that Champions will be broadcast again on a Spanish television network❗❗❗
  • The Serie will be released “very soon” in Neoxone of the channels FREE most popular from Atresmedia🆓
  • And it also returns in the best possible way, since the anime will be presented completely remastered (it will have better visual and sound quality)✅✅✅
  • I invite you to take a look at the video in which it was announced, since it is presented by the charismatic journalist Josep Pedrerol 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

If, on the other hand, you prefer to see a much more modern version of this football story, In 2018 a reboot was released carried out by David Production (Fire Force, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure) which It is already in its second anime season.

Synopsis of Champions (Oliver and Benji)

Tsubasa Ôzora (Oliver) is a sixth grade boy who has grown up with his great friend, the soccer ball. Upon entering his new school, Nankatsu, he meets the incredible goalkeeper Genzô Wakabayashi (Benji), from the Shûtetsu school, and challenges him. Everything will be settled in the general confrontation between the two schools!!

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