Great Pretender razbliuto confirms its release date on Crunchyroll

The film that acts as a sequel to the original WIT Studio anime arrives VERY SOON on the streaming platform

Great Pretender“was the anime that WIT Studio premiered a few years ago as a completely original production, and which was published in various batches of episodes that corresponded to different ‘cases’ of the main scammers. Well, some time later it was announced its sequel, a film called “Great Pretender razbliuto” which after a timid release in cinemas (no, not in Spain), has already confirmed the premiere date on Crunchyroll.

Everything you need to know about the arrival of Great Pretender razbliuto to Crunchyroll

To begin, I leave you below with the new trailer which Crunchyroll Spain’s own account has published when confirming the premiere of “Great Pretender razbliuto”:

And now yes, write down the details about the premiere of the movie:

  • To begin, it must be said that it is TOMORROW when Great Pretender razbliuto arrives on Crunchyroll. That is, February 22, 2024. Or well, that is the official date, but because the premiere time is at 5:00 p.m. PT, In Spain it will not be available until 2 in the morning on February 23. 😅
  • What regions does the premiere of Great Pretender released through Crunchyroll cover? Well according to specify the platform, all over the world with the exception of Japan and the Middle East. 😉
  • Although there is no specification regarding audio options, the trailer shared seems to indicate that (at least initially) Great Pretender razbliuto will only be available through the typical VOSE version. 🤔
  • Originally, Great Pretender razbliuto premiered exclusively in US theaters on January 9 and 10 of this year.. Although there do not seem to be figures on the results it obtained at that time, everything seems to indicate that the film went quite unnoticed. 😶

As I understand that there must be quite a few doubts about the plot and perhaps even characters of “Great Pretender razbliuto”, I will say goodbye with the one about the official synopsis published by Crunchyroll Spain itself.

What is Great Pretender razbliuto about?

This new action-adventure film follows Dorothy, the self-proclaimed genius con artist who recruited Laurent Thierry for a career in crime. This time, she has been defeated in her own game by Shanghai Longu Bang and is believed to be dead, but soon reappears in a small coastal town. Pursued by Taipei’s underworld, she heads to Kyoto, but what will she find waiting for her there…?

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