Gundam creator thinks anime should avoid Disney’s ‘soulless blockbusters’

Yoshiyuki Tomino believes that anime is currently at its peak of popularity, but assumes this will change in the future.

It doesn’t seem like a coincidence at this point, and important figures in the anime industry have been warning the following for months: The sweet moment that the sector is experiencing may not last too long. There are those who attribute it to the mere wear and tear of production and there are those who attribute it to the fact that the current peak cannot be maintained in the long term. Yoshiyuki Tomino, creator of a work like “Gundam”, is from the latter team, and has had several things to say about it.

Yoshiyuki Tomino speaks very clearly about what he sees for the future of anime

Tomino-san recently gave an interview tol middle Toyokeizai in which he left all kinds of opinions regarding the anime industry (via AnimeHunch, Nichegamer):

  • To begin, Tomino-san talks about How the recognition of the anime industry is incredible today compared to its beginnings. In this sense, he explains that in the past every time he went to pay his taxes, he had to explain in detail what he did, while today the profession of entertainer is much more respected and recognized. 🥰
Tomino-san currently sees the anime industry at what will be its all-time peak
  • In a not so positive view, the creator of Gundam comments that believes it is possible that the anime industry will continue to grow over the next 5-6 years, but there will come a point when this period of constant growth will stop dead and begin to decline. 😮
  • Obviously Tomino-san does not believe in any case that the anime industry is going to go bankrupt or disappear directly, but he does. sees it difficult for the current job boom to be achieved in the future. In fact, it even draws a comparison with Disney. 🤔
  • Tomino-san explains that By the time Disney began to change its 2D works for today’s digital animations, a ‘but what?’ widespread. Along these lines, Tomino-san clarifies that in the same way that Disney reached its creative peak in animation decades ago, that is exactly what anime is experiencing today. 😶
  • Therefore, Tomino-san is of the opinion that the anime industry should avoid that same path of simply going for super-productions without personality that move away from their original essence, since it is what will eventually cause you to lose interest in the medium. 🙃

The truth is, Yoshiyuki Tomino is known for not holding back in the slightest in his interviews, and this last one has certainly been no exception. I honestly have to agree with what you say about Disney.; Yes, it is true that they have still managed to come up with some simply great films, but in the same way productions have emerged that have vanished as if nothing had happened. In fact, It seems impossible to imagine that they will find IPs as iconic as those of yesteryear again.. Will the same happen to anime? Well, it remains to be seen, but for now it’s time to enjoy a very powerful present.

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