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Happy Valentine’s Day wishes you from the anime industry — Kudasai

He Valentine’s Daya holiday celebrated around the world to honor love and friendship, has arrived again this February 14, and Japan is no exception. In this country, the occasion is observed in a unique way, where cultural traditions are combined with modern trends. But this year, the celebration has taken an especially creative turn with the participation of anime production teams, manga authors, and light novel illustrators, who have shared their works of art on social media.

Japanese social media was flooded with Valentine’s-themed illustrations, created by talented artists linked to the anime industry. From couples of characters from popular series to charming depictions of friendship and affection, these images capture the essence of the day in a unique and exciting way.

In Japan, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in a particular way. Unlike many other cultures where tradition dictates that both men and women exchange gifts, in Japan, it is common for women to gift chocolates to men. This gesture is known as “honmei-choco” and can range from handmade chocolates to the most exquisite and luxurious ones available on the market.

However, the celebration is not limited to romantic gifts. There is also the custom of “giri-choco”, where women give chocolates to their co-workers, friends and family as a sign of courtesy and friendship.. This practice has led to a boom in chocolate sales in Japan, making the period leading up to Valentine’s Day a crucial season for many chocolate companies.

This year, the creativity and ingenuity of anime artists have added a new element to the celebration, giving fans around the world a delightful way to enjoy this holiday. The illustrations shared on social media not only celebrate love and friendship, but also show the power of art to bring people together in special moments like this.

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