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Hatsune Miku’s thighs are now ‘twice as juicy’ — Kudasai

The cultural phenomenon that is Hatsune Miku has undergone a fascinating metamorphosis since her debut in 2007, with each new design iteration offering fans a unique take on the virtual idol. However, recently, astute observers have pointed out one particular detail that has captured the attention of Japanese social media: the gradual increase in the volume of Miku’s thighs over the years.

The trajectory of changes in Hatsune Miku’s design is evident in several aspects, from her outfits to small details in her facial appearance. However, the variation in the size of her thighs has become a focal point in the discussions, generating a dynamic conversation about the artistic direction of the iconic vocaloid.

The most recent twist in the appearance of Hatsune Mikuunder the artistic direction of Toridamonkeyhas taken with him the distinctive influence of the “Atelier Ryza” video game franchise. Toridamono, known for the design of protagonist Reisalin “Ryza” Stout, has put her signature “stamp” on Miku, particularly notable in the prominence of her thighs. This change has raised questions about the possibility that future artists who take the reins of Miku will continue this trend or if the vocaloid will return to the slenderness that marked her first performances.

Hatsune Miku

The debate on Japanese social media has gathered steam, dividing fans between those who appreciate Miku’s stylistic evolution as a natural reflection of changing times and those who long for a return to the slim thighs that defined her early appearances. The discussion has become so intense that some fans have begun comparing old and new illustrations, analyzing every detail for clues about the possible future direction of Miku’s design.

The uncertainty over the fate of Hatsune Miku’s thighs has generated palpable anticipation among fans, who are now eager for the next developments in the appearance of this iconic vocaloid. The debate over Miku’s anatomy serves as a fascinating example of how stylistic details can become a central topic of conversation, demonstrating the lasting impact that a cultural figure like Miku can have on audiences:

  • «I prefer the 2007 version, by far.».
  • «They both seem perfect to me, I have nothing more to say».
  • «And why did they increase the volume of her thighs so much?».
  • «Wow, they have doubled the volume, or even more».
  • «Foreigners know this has to do with Atelier Ryza».
  • «Imagine then what it will look like in 2039, I can’t wait».
  • «I like the girl from 2007 better».
  • «I think this is all because Ryza’s artist drew her this time».
  • «I like her with her thighs, but I would also like her better with her original outfit».
  • «She was 16 when she debuted, so she will surely be 32 this year. I think Miku’s thirty-something thighs are perfect».
  • «Miku-chan is one of those idols with a difficult life, they change her design, they make her cosplay anything, and some weirdos decide to marry her without her consent».
  • «I prefer both, although I never say no to good thighs».

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