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Hatsune Miku’s thighs return in a figure — Kudasai

As we have already mentioned in previous articles, Hatsune Miku has a special relationship with the division Good Smile Racing with Team Ukyo (GSR)a racing team currently competing in Super GT, as well as a subsidiary first established in 2010 by the figure manufacturer Good Smile Company.

Now, as part of this collaboration, Hatsune Miku is designed each year by different renowned artists in Japan with a different style, which will be the “official face of the brand” for the entire year.. This finally brings us to what brings us together again today, this year’s version made by Toridamonkey.

Maybe the name “Toridamono” is not familiar to you if you are not very deep in the industry, but it is the artist in charge of the designs of the “Atelier Ryza” franchiseespecially the protagonist Reisalin “Ryza” Stout. You surely know why this girl is so popular, right? Well, because of her enormous thighs that became bigger with each installment of the video game.

That’s how it is, Toridamono is an expert in drawing girls with curves and a lot of meatespecially focused on the thighs, and could not help but put this characteristic stamp on the design of the “Racing Miku 2023“:

But hadn’t we talked to you about this months ago? Well, the topic became a trend again after Good Smile Company announced the launch of a new articulated figure from the Figma product line, for the month of August 2024. The figure is now available for reservation on the company’s official site:

And of course, Netizens were quite satisfied when they realized that the juicy thighs of the original design were faithfully represented in this new figure:

  • «The chest is not enlarged, but the thighs are, ah, the pleasures of life».
  • «She’s cute, but Miku’s thighs are too big. I think she would be a skinny legged girl.».
  • «Were your thighs always this thick?».
  • «I’ve seen it, and now I want it. What good legs she has».
  • «I really like this design, I hope it continues to be used for years to come».
  • «I really want it in my collection, but right now I don’t have a design».
  • «Miku would never have a design like that, admire her because this style will not be back soon».

Fountain: Otakomu

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