Hayao Miyazaki (Studio Ghibli) is falsely involved in a cryptocurrency scam

I am convinced that more than one of you will have come across those promoted tweets on Twitter that They use the image of celebrities to try to sell you any rubbish Which basically ends up being an absolute scam. Curious, because before Elon Musk made ‘X’ a safer place, I don’t remember ever seeing these things, but anyway. That said, it turns out that now Hayao Miyazaki himself has been the victim of his person being stolen for purposes such as those I have mentioned..

Hayao Miyazaki ‘appears’ talking about how to make easy money with cryptocurrencies

Well yes, apparently there are those in Japan who have decided turn Hayao Miyazaki into a ‘cryptobro’‘, but luckily everything has been discovered quite quickly. This is how the colleagues of AnimeHunch:

  • Basically, everything refers to Bengo4, a fake website which is responsible for imitating the style of real publications such as the Yomiuri Shimbun media. 😮
  • Well, the problem has arisen above all since the Bengo4 articles, which have been using the figure of Hayao Miyazaki to invite investment in cryptocurrencies, they have been indexed in the ‘goo’ search system. 😶
Hayao Miyazaki
This is what the fake article about Hayao Miyazaki recommending investing in cryptocurrencies looks like
  • ‘goo’ is basically a Search Engine such as Firefox, Chrome or any similar platform, but simply focused on the selection of content from Japan. And it’s in the ‘goo’ results that they’ve started to fake Hayao Miyazaki articles appear, deceiving many people in the country. 😥
  • The Yomiuri Shimbun has had to come out publicly to clarify that these articles have absolutely nothing to do with its content, no matter how similar it may be, and He claims to have already demanded their withdrawal. 😏

Although this will obviously hardly have any consequences for Hayao Miyazaki, it is clear that The reputation of the legendary anime creator is being tarnished without even having anything to do with all the controversy.. We must hope that this situation will ultimately be quickly resolved, but more and more famous figures are being affected by a scam that takes place in the light of day without apparent serious implications for its promoters.

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