Hidra Editorial Releases February 2023

Hidra Editorial Releases February 2023

Hydra Editorial has made known the releases for the month of February 2023. The publisher returns this month as far as manga is concerned with new releases. On this occasion the editorial continues with the publication of two of its series. The first one is Azaleawith the publication of second volume of this supernatural thriller starring an intrepid police detective. This second volume of this series of Ootorino Kazuma and Arashima Hikaru will go on sale on 13 february in a paperback edition with dust jacket of 13 x 18 cm. and a price of €8.95.

That same day will also hit bookstores sixth volume from the manga dragon looking for home. The publisher began publishing this shônen manga by Kawo Tanuki and Choco Aya in May 2021 and continues with its publication at a price of €8.50 each volume.

Below is the complete list with the February manga releases by Hydra Editorial:

  • Azalea #2 (Ootorino Kazuma, Arashima Hikaru) – €8.95
  • Dragon seeks house #6 (Kawo Tanuki, Choco Aya) – €8.50
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