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High School DxD: Girls Celebrate White Day On A Date With You

On the official site for the video game for browsers of the franchise high school dxd the start of a special event titled “Large Gathering!? Okaken White Date“, which has been available within the application since March 11 in Japan. The event is described as follows:

  • White Day is drawing near! I received chocolates from many people this year, so I can’t help but give thanks gifts on this day. I asked everyone what they would like to receive.
  • “Then why don’t you take me on a date during the day? I found a store where everything is only 100 yen”; “I want to go to an amusement park. Although I wouldn’t mind if we stayed and made babies.” Wow, this is a problem, everyone seems to want to go on a date! There is no choice but to go out together on White Day. The dating operation begins!

Synopsis for High School DxD

High school student Issei Hyoudou is your typical pervert who does nothing productive with his life, spying on women and dreaming of having his own harem one day. Things seem to look up for Issei when a beautiful girl asks him out on a date, though it turns out to be a fallen angel who brutally kills him. However, he gets a second chance at life when the beautiful upperclassman Rias Gremory, who is a first-class devil, revives him as her servant, recruiting Issei into the ranks of the Occult Research Club of the school. Slowly adjusting to his new life, Issei must train and fight to survive in the violent world of angels and demons. Each new adventure leads to many fun (and risqué) moments with his new classmates, while he keeps his new life a secret from his friends and family in High School DxD.

Fountain: Official Tumblr

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