Hiroki Otsuka’s Backstage in New York manga will have live action

Hiroki Otsuka’s Backstage in New York manga will have live action

Tokai TV advertisement on Wednesday, January 25 through his Web page than the manga Backstage in New York by Hiroki Otsuka will have a real image adaptation. The Serie will be released the next March 4 and instead of being located in New York it will take place in Tokyo. The live-action will be titled Jiyū na Megami: Backstage in New York (Free Goddess: Backstage in New York) and will have four episodes.

The story focuses on sachi, who lives with her father since her mother died when she was young and works for a construction company. Her hobby is making western-style clothes. After meeting the legendary drag queen Cool Minthis life begins to change.

hiroe igeta stars in the series as sachi Y shinji takeda co-stars as Cool Mint / Shu Narita. Chihiro Ikeda directs the series along with Tomonari Sakurai Y Yuko Shimoda who write the scripts, on the other hand Masahiro Hiramoto compose the music.

Hiroki Otsuka began publishing the original manga in digital format in 2020 and the work ended with 14 chapters total.

Sachi, an office worker who has had a difficult life, went to New York to study fashion, something she had dreamed of since she was little. There she moves in with a drag queen named Paul and meets the mysterious Ken. Now begins a communal life of three people of different origins!

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