Hit manga leaks! Several people in charge of distributing online material arrested in Japan

Multiple manga leak accounts have already confirmed delays in their work and others have disappeared

Are you one of those who is in alert mode every week/month to see when the leaks of your favorite manga come out? Well, you should know that it is possible that things are going to change from now on, and that is The Japanese authorities have dealt a tremendous blow to the table by arresting a series of individuals who, apparently, were VERY involved in all the illegal distribution of manga that occurs online. If you want to know more, below I explain everything that happened and the immediate impact of it.

Everything You Need to Know About How Japan’s Police Coup Will Affect Manga Leaks

Has been MangaMogura who has put on the overalls to cover all the progress on the situation:

  • The news as such is the following: several foreigners resided in Japan who were in charge of buy magazines like Shonen Jump from some stores in Japan that began selling them before the official release date. As a consequence, the material in these magazines was scanned and sent to those responsible for illegally distributing it on the Internet, which gave rise to many of the content leaks. 😶
One of the manga leak accounts that has immediately ceased activity
  • What are the consequences of this news? Mostly, two notable impacts have already been made known:
    • Many content leaks will NO longer occur on Tuesday nights and Wednesday mornings of each week, something that had become common. Failing that, it seems that in general manga leaks will now arrive later.
    • On the other hand, Scanpiea, one of the main manga leak accounts on Twitter, has deleted its account on the platform as well as on Discord. It could be understood therefore that he is one of those directly affected by the actions of the Japanese police.
  • At first, it seems that Jujutsu Kaisen leaks They have been among the main affected by all this, since the leaker @JJK_Mya has confirmed that it will no longer be able to distribute material with the speed of yesteryear. 🤔

I think what surprises me most about all this is discovering that the leaks come because it is Japan’s own physical stores that skip the official sales dates. That is to say, if the stores respected the sales dates provided to them by Shonen Jump or whatever publisher, it seems that the majority of the leak market would be significantly reduced. For now it is too early to see what the true effect of all this is, but at first it is clear that it has been a hard and unexpected blow for many leakers.

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