Honey Lemon Soda anime is already on the way, according to a leak

The popular Shojo, with more than 10 million copies of manga distributed, would finally make the leap to television

He Romance It is one of the genres that has had the most success in anime historically, and with works of greater or lesser success the truth is that it is a field that NEVER goes out of style. Precisely, the announcement of the anime of “Honey Lemon Soda“(for now unofficial) is one that should interest all those who always feel attracted to teenage love stories, especially considering that it is one of the most successful mangas of the last decade in this sense.

Everything you need to know about Honey Lemon Soda

To begin, it is time to say that has been SugoiLite who has confirmed that the “Honey Lemon Soda” anime is currently in production:

  • At the moment the leaker only reveals that the Honey Lemon Soda anime It is real and it exists, but beyond that it does not specify when the anime in question will be released nor who will be in charge of it. 😆
  • Honey Lemon Soda is a manga that began publishing in 2016 and It currently has 24 volumes in circulation. Although it is a complete success with more than 10 million copies already distributed, the truth is that in Spain there is still no publisher that has decided to license the work of Mayu Murata. 😮
  • It must be said that this is not the only adaptation that Honey Lemon Soda will have received, since before the anime A live-action version of Honey Lemon Soda was released a few years ago. However, like the manga, the reality is that it did not make its way through Spain. 😶
  • Beyond Honey Lemon Soda, the truth is that its author Mayu Murata has not found much success to say the least. Some of you may be familiar with names like Nagareboshi Lens, Mata Mashita or In The Chocolate, but the mangaka has definitely not created anything on par with Honey Lemon Soda. 🤨

Ultimately, to fit in a little more with the kind of story that “Honey Lemon Soda” is, I will share the official synopsis soon from the manga in question:

What is Honey Lemon Soda about?

The quiet and shy Uka Ishimori was once nicknamed ‘stone’ by her classmates. Upon entering high school she meets a boy named Kai Miura, whose appearance reminds her of a kind of lemonade. As they both get to know each other, Uka’s relationship with Kai makes her begin to have more confidence in herself.

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