If you liked A Silent Voice, you have to watch this new romance anime from Crunchyroll

A Silent Voice“It surely has one of the best human stories that the anime industry has left us, with moments of reflection, redemption, bullying and all kinds of elements that make one rethink many things in everyday life. One of the most striking qualities of “A Silent Voice” is that its main female character has the disability of having lost the sense of hearinga difficulty that is now repeated in a new anime available on Crunchyroll.

A Sign of Affection once again demonstrates the difficulties of living with a disability

Indeed, the anime I’m talking about is “A Sign of Affection”. This new winter 2024 romance anime is off to a strong start at this point, but If you don’t know why you should give it a chance, I’ll list a series of similarities and differences with respect to “A Silent Voice“.

How A Silent Voice and A Sign of Affection are Similar

  • The obvious and main similarity between A Silent Voice and A Sign of Affection is that Both protagonists have a disability due to which they have lost their sense of hearing.. 😮
  • This reality ends up causing the two characters to have serious difficulties on a social level, since obviously They lack the communication skills that others enjoy. 😥
  • Likewise, both stories have a school type context which, again, enhances the lack of communication skills precisely at a time when establishing relationships is a fundamental part of everyday life. 🤓
a silent voice
A Sign of Affection takes the most essential story-wise from A Silent Voice

How A Silent Voice and A Sign of Affection are different

  • A big difference between A Silent Voice and A Sign of Affection is the relationship of the main female character with the male. While in A Silent Voice we find what is really a journey of redemption, in A Sign of Affection we find support from the first moment; a bridge to a new world that is difficult to explore for people with the condition that both protagonists share. 😎
  • Another notable difference is that while A Silent Voice takes place in a high school setting, A Sign of Affection places us in a university story. Obviously, with this in mind the range of activities and possibilities for the protagonists is expanded. 😮
  • Something in which they also differ is the aesthetic sense. While in A Silent Voice one finds that uniforms and somewhat ‘flatter’ outfits predominate (which does not make them look worse), in A Sign of Affection the designs are incredibly fashionable. Each character has their own meaning and there are an immense number of different clothing combinations that really reflect the protagonists’ university days. 🤩
The differences between A Sign of Affection and A Silent Voice are what gives value to the viewing

In general, the core that both animes share is very clear, but the truth is that where everything is most enjoyable is in the differences they present. Basically, “A Sign of Affection” is a more ‘adult’ (literally, not because of the themes or its treatment of them) version of the world of “A Silent Voice”, and it is really well executed.. Honestly, this is a romance that I recommend even without having necessarily seen “A Silent Voice”, so at the very least I suggest giving it a chance.

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