In which chapter of the manga is the Boruto anime?


The publication of the boruto manga is monthly, therefore the material to adapt the anime was insufficient, for this reason they were created original episodes that would expand the story, even so at some point you will finish watching the anime and want to continue boruto in the manga.

The manga started under the script of Ukyo Kodachi, with the supervision of Masashi Kishimotowho is the creator of Naruto, Kodachi was in charge until the 13th volume of the manga, with Kishimoto taking full control as of chapter 52 which is where volume 14 begins.

in which chapter of the manga does the boruto anime go

The manga is in publication, the last chapter being the 79these all come out the 19th of each month in Japan and overnight are available in other countries. As for which chapter of the manga corresponds to the last episode of the anime, it is the following equivalence:



Chapter 65 (pp. 13-40) and 66

Episode 292 adapts chapter 65 (pp. 13-40) and 66 of the manga, which is where the anime ends.

So if you want to read the manga where the anime goes, you would have to start reading from the beginning. Chapter 67 of the manga, this corresponds to volume 17 (compiles the chapters from 64 to 67). Remember that manga are read from right to left, like the Japanese language.

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