In which chapter of the manga is the One Piece anime?

the anime of Eiichiro Oda is on the air, the story in the manga is not so far ahead of its adaptation, the adaptation has practically just finished wano bow. For this reason, the story told in the anime seems to be moving slowly, this is because they lengthen what is told in the manga.

Practically an episode of the anime adapts a chapter of the manga, otherwise in other animes, that an episode adapts from 3 to 4 chapters of the manga. It is inevitable that at some point you just finished watching the anime and want to continue in the manga where One Piece is.

In which chapter of the manga does the one piece anime go?

The manga is also in publication, with the last chapter being the 1077these all come out Sundays in Japan and for Monday are available in other countries. As for which chapter of the manga corresponds to the last episode of the anime, it is the following equivalence:



Chapter 1028 (pp. 3-8, 10-17)

So if you want to read the manga where the anime goes, you would have to start reading from the beginning. Chapter 1029 of the manga, this corresponds to Volume 102 (collects chapters 1026 to 1035). To get up to date with the anime I recommend you use the guide on how to watch one piece without filler.

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