[Inocentadas 2022] Junji Ito’s dental clinics collapse Japan

[Inocentadas 2022] Junji Ito’s dental clinics collapse Japan

[ACTUALIZACIÓN 29/12/22] Attention this is FAKE NEWS, one of our 2022.

Junji Itofamous for his terrifying stories, decided last October that he would abandon his career in the world of manga to return to his old profession: dental technician. According to the mangaka, this idea has been on his mind for some time and “it was time to start it up.” The first clinicnoroi» opened two months ago in Gifu Prefecture, the author’s hometown. Branches in 10 more prefectures, including Hokkaidō, Nagano, and Fukushima, have opened their doors this week.

After its inauguration, the neighbors attest that no child has wanted to go back to the dentist. At this time, cavities have taken over Japan and the streets are full of people with toothache. To combat this problem, the government gives free raisins and celery to children in schools throughout the country. In addition, the authorities have written to the author asking him to resume his work and put an end to this. Junji Ito’s response has been clear «Those who have attended his dental appointment now enjoy perfectly sharp teeth that help them in their day to day. Because they need they don’t even need cutlery. It’s an advantage, I don’t see the problem.”

Junji Ito is one of the most popular horror manga authors both inside and outside of Japan. The author has published a multitude of manga of the genre, such as the well-known Tommy either uzumakias well as adaptations of classic works such as Frankenstein (winner of an award eisner in 2019) or unworthy of being humaneither. Many of his works have received adaptations to cartoonslike the aforementioned manga Tommy or the recent junji ito collection. However, it has been the indefinite delay in the adaptation of uzumaki which has led the mangaka to pursue his dream and abandon his followers. The publishers ECC Editions Y Planet Comic, who had licensed the works of Junji Ito in Spain regret the withdrawal of the author and have decided as a tribute to bring Genkai Chitai, the author’s latest work, in an edition never seen before. This work will be limited to 32 units and will have a special item: a tooth of the author. In addition, Junji Ito himself will sign each box with the motto of his clinics: “We just want to see you smile.”

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