International Dragon Ball Day could be real, but it is being tainted by machismo

That “Dragon Ball” had a recognized International Day as a franchise is something that I would personally love, and I am convinced that, like me, a large part of the fans must think the same. Clearly there would be nothing better to honor Akira Toriyama eternally… but there is no need to step on anything or anyone in the process. However, sadly this is what is happening, since a beautiful initiative is being used at the same time to turn “Dragon Ball” into an anti-feminism weapon with which to crush a day as relevant as Women’s Day.

What is happening with the initiative for International Dragon Ball Day

It all starts with a collection of signatures on which already accumulates more than 50 thousand signatures collected with a single objective: make March 8 International “Dragon Ball” Day. What is the conflict here? Well, in fact, that same day is Women’s Day.a tremendously important date to vindicate the position of women in all areas of society.

dragon ball women
Many forget that without these two characters, more than half of Dragon Ball would not have happened

Furthermore, it must be taken into account that Akira Toriyama’s death occurred during March 1, 2024, so it is really unnecessary to conflict with a date as important as the 8th simply because that was when the news was announced. But the problem beyond the conflict of interests that is generated is the speech that many are using in collecting signatures.

I quote verbatim:

  • ‘Replace this day with something really important like paying tribute to the creator of the best anime of all time.’
  • ‘With all due respect, the childhood of billions of people who grew up watching this gem is worth more than the women who demanded more money and were kept quiet, not to mention that the majority of women who consider themselves feminists don’t even know why it’s the day. of women, I hope Akira’s legacy is recognized with all my heart.
  • ‘Hold on Goku, fuck Women’s Day yay’
  • ‘It is a very important fact in world history and popular culture, in any case women do not like to be congratulated, so let’s take that day away from them, so that they do not suffer’

Few things disgust me more than instrumentalizing a just cause with the objective of fulfilling a personal motivation, if I have to speak loud and clear. I don’t understand why the potential “Dragon Ball” day is being used, which, again, I totally agree with and 100% in favor of, to override a day dedicated to vindicating a historically just cause like few others. . I just hope that from this whole situation It is made clear that a day is necessary to celebrate “Dragon Ball” worldwide, but not at the expense of anything.

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