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Interview with Toriena – Ramen for Two

Interview with Toriena

In the latest edition of the Atomic Pixel Party held in Barcelona, ​​from Ramen for Two We had the opportunity to witness the performance of Torienaone of the most popular Japanese artists of the genre electronic. Furthermore, during that same weekend of September 22 and 23the singer offered another concert in the Japan Weekend in Madrid. From Ramen for Twowe did not want to miss the opportunity to interview her, and the artist was delighted to answer all the questions we asked her.

RP2: According to the statistics of Spotify, your listeners are mainly Japanese and Americans. Were you surprised that they contacted you to perform in Spain?

Toriena: I was surprised and very happy! I had never been to Spain, so I was really looking forward to seeing what kind of atmosphere there would be and how the Spanish public would respond.

RP2: And what did you think of the Spanish public?

Toriena: The audience was energetic, passionate and very good-hearted, which made performing live very rewarding. I especially remember when I played Red Cell. Everyone was excited and gave their all on the court. I had a lot of fun and it made me very happy that we all started dancing together!

RP2: Do you plan to perform in Spain again in the near future, such as in the Manga Barcelona that will be held in December?

Toriena: At the moment there is nothing planned yet, but yes next year The opportunity arises, of course I would love to be able to perform there and return to Spain again. In fact, if they contact me, I would be willing to come back whenever.

RP2: How did you become interested in this musical genre (techno, hardcore, etc.)?

Toriena: I started to be interested in electronic music when I heard the songs of TOWA TEI in a television commercial. Then I started listening to records. daft punk and Warpand techno like The Advent and Luke Vibert.

RP2: How was your debut? And at what moment did you decide that you wanted to dedicate yourself to it?

Toriena:My musical career began in 2012 when I played live at the Cafe La Siesta in Kyoto. At that time, the style that was worn was very different from now, and I made music chiptunewhich was composed and reproduced in a game boy. However, composing was an extension of my love of music, so at first my performances were more informal.

However, little by little, I began to receive requests to compose music from companies, as well as offers to perform in live performances from various venues. When I started working on it, I realized that I wanted to take it seriously and become a professional.

RP2: Did you ever imagine yourself acting abroad?

Toriena: Yes, definitely. In fact, when my style was still based solely on chiptune, I already gave several performances outside of Japan, and I really wanted to be able to do it again with my current style. That’s why I was excited and so happy to be able to come perform in Spain!

RP2: One aspect that has surprised us a lot is that, unlike most artists, you create your own lyrics, music, voices and even do the illustrations for the video clips. Is this because you feel more comfortable creating everything yourself?

Toriena: One could say, Yes. I can do collaborations with other artists, but I am very shy and I don’t like to share ideas with other people before they become a work of art. Basically, I like that full production allows me to freely create works that incorporate what I like without having to worry about other people’s opinions.

RP2: Some of your songs have been used in video games and commercials. If the opportunity arises, would you like to compose songs for an anime series? Have there been conversations about it?

Toriena: I can’t say anything about it, but I’m looking forward to it!

RP2: What is your next goal as an artist? And what do you most want to achieve professionally?

Toriena: Music can transcend countries and languages! That’s why I’m dying to visit lots of new places and give performances where we all dance together and have a great time!

Furthermore, lately I have also been practicing guitar, so I would like to try it out and use it on my next album, as well as play it live. As for what I most want to achieve, my dream is to be able to perform at big festivals like ThunderDome, SXSW and Coachella.

RP2: Finally, what advice would you give to all the people who also want to dedicate themselves professionally to music?

Toriena: The most important is enjoy at all times. Nowadays, it’s very easy to see the successes of others on social media, so when you’re feeling down, if you compare your career to others, it can really affect you. In fact, it happened to me until very recently. But if you love yourself, love music and try your hardest, I’m sure it will pay off one day. Cheer up!!

RP2: Thank you very much for your time, it has been a pleasure.

Toriena: Thank you very much!

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