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Invisible Girl reaches a newspaper in Peru — Kudasai

Anime and manga lovers in Peru now have a weekly source of information directly at their fingertips. “Semanario Grupo Otaku,” a newspaper dedicated to otaku culture, has emerged on the scene and is quickly becoming an essential resource for fans.

This newspaper specialized in otaku culture offers a wide range of news, reviews, and analysis on the latest developments in the world of anime, manga, and video games. Published weekly, readers can get their fix of otaku content for just 1.50 soles per issue.

One of the highlights of this newspaper is its detailed and in-depth coverage. One of the most recent editions of the “Otaku Group Weekly” became a trend on social media and otaku communities due to its brave approach to the controversy surrounding “Invisible Girl” from the popular franchise “Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia)” In one of the recent chapters of the manga, the character appeared naked, which generated controversy, since she is canonically a minor.


The birth of this otaku newspaper in Peru is a sign of the growing importance of the community in the country and its desire to be aware of the latest news in the world of anime, manga and video games. Fans now have a voice in their own newspaper, and “Semanario Grupo Otaku” has become a reliable source for keeping up with their passions.

And we couldn’t miss the comments from the community:

  • «Great my Peru».
  • «I want the buildable Usopp».
  • «Great idea, I would buy it. I think it’s a very good venture.».
  • «I think that’s the best way to sell a newspaper nowadays.».
  • «Peru is light years away from the rest of Latin America».
  • «I bought it just yesterday, what a coincidence».
  • «Peru already seems like it is an annexation of Japan because of so many otakus in the country».
  • «I would only buy the newspaper for Usopp’s paper art, everything else I would burn».
  • «How cool would a newspaper like that be in Colombia. Instead of pamphlets like “Q’hubo”, “Al Día” or “Ajá, ¿y Qué?”, which publish precarious headlines».
  • «I’ve defended my Peru from memes over the years, but my Peru doesn’t help me at all».
  • «I had been buying it since 2014 because it was worth 1 sol and it came with a poster. Even in one of those newspapers I found the final chapter of Naruto».
  • «The only independent media left in Peru».
  • «Curiously, I think I once saw it on a newsstand.».
  • «I don’t deny it, sometimes I want to buy it but I don’t want to walk in the middle of the street with it in my hand.».

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