Is Beast Gohan weaker in the manga than in the anime?

The 100th chapter of the mangaDragon Ball Super” lands tomorrow and with this we will close the battle against Cell Max, which at least is something considering that all that hype that they promised weeks ago will not be fulfilled. With this highlighted, we have to talk about a change made in the manga regarding the movie of “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero“, and it seems possible to interpret that Toriyama and Toyotaro’s Beast Gohan isn’t exactly as powerful as the one that first appeared in theaters.

The big difference between Beast Gohan from the manga and the movie

With the leaks of chapter 100 of the “Dragon Ball Super” manga at hand, it is possible to see how certain things change. One of these (and clearly the most differential) is the one shared SupaChronicles on their social networks:

  • In one of the leaked panels of chapter 100 of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, you can see an intervention by Goten and Trunks that does NOT occur during the movie. 😮
  • What does this intervention consist of? Well, hitting Cell Max’s hand, which causes let the crazy villain lose concentration about what he’s doing and ultimately make it easier for Beast Gohan’s Makankosappo to pierce Cell Max’s head. 😶
dragon ball gohan beast 1 (1)
The Beast would have seen its power level altered by Toyotaro and Toriyama
  • However, and I emphasize unlike with the film, Before Goten and Trunks’ intervention, Beast Gohan himself was having a lot of difficulty piercing Cell Max’s head with his Makankosappo.. In the film, the perforation occurs practically instantaneously from the moment Beast Gohan’s attack hits Cell Max’s head. 🤔
  • Does this mean then that Beast Gohan is weaker than Goku Ultra Instinct -True- and Vegeta Ultra Ego? Well, we continue in the same confusion, because A line that does not change with respect to the feature film is the one that includes the comment that neither Goku nor Vegeta may have been able to defeat Cell Max.. Although at the same time, it is made on the assumption that Piccolo and Gohan have not seen Goku and Vegeta in their new and more powerful forms of power. 😅
  • Obviously, this whole conversation is complicated because it becomes a domino that affects the power considerations of many other characters: Broly, Moro, Gogeta Blue… It is definitely becoming more and more complicated to talk about these things in Dragon Ball and, honestly, it seems to me like the type of conversation that should stop being important since clearly Toriyama and Toyotaro don’t care as much about these things as they used to. 🙄

I assume that at some point it will end up becoming clearer who is the most powerful among all these characters, because as I say, although the issue of power levels is more free-wheeling today, obviously A minimum of consistency is needed to be able to shape subsequent events in history.. Will some clarification come with chapter 101 of the manga? Definitely best not to make assumptions at this point.

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