Is Black Frieza as strong as a God of Destruction? This is what an official description suggests.

When Black Frieza appeared at the end of the Granolah arc, one thing was made quite clear: it was far more powerful than Goku and Vegeta. But how powerful? Then we also saw Beast Gohan and Orange Piccolo and the truth is that the issue of power levels was truly left up in the air, especially due to the discussion that had been generated around the most powerful warrior in universe 7. However, new official information would leave zero doubt that The most powerful warrior in “Dragon Ball Super” currently is Black Frieza.

This is the official description that speaks of Black Frieza as a warrior of absurd power

Next I leave you with the description provided by V-Jump magazine regarding the power of Black Frieza, information that they share DBSHype vs Supachronicles:

  • Basically, the official description for Black Frieza reads as follows: “He easily KO’d Goku and Vegeta, who had reached the realm of the gods. It is impossible to measure the extent of his power!“😮
black freezer
One of the most brutal panels in the entire history of Dragon Ball Super
  • With this one could already begin to intuit the theme of the God of Destruction, but the truth is that in the description itself there is a comment that suggests it even more clearly: “Is he even close to a God of Destruction!?“🤯
  • This is a comment that we haven’t even started to hear about Goku and Vegeta, who continue training under the tutelage of Beerus and Whis but without really showing that they are relatively close to the power of both deities. That is, for all purposes there is a gap between the power of Black Frieza and that of the Saiyans in their maximum power forms of a scope that had surely never occurred before. 😶

Will Black Frieza appear in chapter 101 of the Dragon Ball Super manga?

It doesn’t seem like a coincidence that chapter 100 of the “Dragon Ball Super” manga is the end of the adaptation of “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero”, and therefore with chapter 101 already showing completely new content, which It has just been used to introduce a reference to Black Frieza in V-Jump. Logically, it suggests that the villain will finally reappear throughout the next chapters of the manga.

dragon ball super gohan beast lasala (1)
Beast Gohan’s power could actually be VERY necessary in the new manga arc

It must be remembered that since Black Frieza appeared in the last chapter of the Granolah arc that this He has no longer had any presence in the manga., logically derived from the fact that ‘Super Hero’ is being adapted to paper format. However, as I say, it seems that it is finally suggested that we will return to the threat of Black Frieza as a main theme.

It may be a lot of speculation, but taking into account that the final comment on chapter 100 of the “Dragon Ball Super” manga says that the battle of the Earth has ended, but that the battle of the Superheroes continues, maybe really thinking about a united front against Black Frieza isn’t crazy. After all, the fact that Goku and Vegeta are not even close to the power of the tyrant may be an indication that they need the help of Gohan and Piccolo more than ever, and ‘luckily’ they received the ideal power-up for this during Super Hero .

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