Is Frieren really the best anime ever?

The first season of the anime “Frieren” ended a few days ago and one thing has become clear: generally everyone finds it impressive. Yes, I also count myself among this ‘everyone’. But is it so impressive as to be considered the best anime in all of history? At least today in MAL it is as it is presented, and with quite an advantage over “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” at this point. But… Is it REALLY the best anime ever?

What is the best anime in history?

I think that in order to really argue about whether “Frieren” deserves the consideration of being the best anime in history, you first have to understand What does such a title represent?and it is very simple: that there is absolutely no other production that can be ahead in terms of what a good anime really entails.

How do you measure something like that? Good luck I would say, although there are obviously ways to try to differentiate around what is better and what is worse, especially in anime. For example:

  • You can look how a plot is constructed. How it innovates on previous works and how it executes those that represent the most relevant points regarding what it wants to tell.
  • You can also look how a character evolves. Good characters that can accompany a good plot are also as relevant as the story ‘per se’. Without characters up to the task, the story simply does not have anyone who can make it work.
  • Just as relevant or more so in the anime industry is, precisely, the quality of the animation: fluid animations, the use of colors, how the artistic design accompanies the whole. The aesthetics in an anime are crucial, and in the end things are as they are: An anime that is poor in production will have a much harder time standing out than a brilliant one.
Frieren Himmel
Frieren positively answers many of the biggest questions that anime asks

These are just some of the concepts that one can discuss about how to rate an anime. The question now is, then, How does “Frieren” answer all these questions? and especially if in general terms it does better than absolutely any other production in the entire history of anime.

Does Frieren execute EVERYTHING better than any other anime?

Honestly, there is no single answer to this. Nor a single right and wrong answer. Personally, I believe that when something reaches extremely high quality, Subjectivity is simply what ends up tipping the balance on one side or the other.. Because this is so: total objectivity does not exist.

On the other hand, I cannot deny that if someone directly asks me the question ‘Is Frieren the best anime ever?“, my answer will be something like ‘I’m not going to tell you yes, but I’m not going to tell you no either.‘. And I think it’s really justifiable.

Frieren is a technical beauty like few there are in the anime industry
  • In terms of plot, I think it’s obvious that Frieren is much more than a simple trip. In particular, I think it is one of the best romance stories in anime because of how subtly it is able to plant the theme and make it central in moments when it can be completely overlooked.
  • As for animation, I can’t say much that Madhouse hasn’t responded to with his work. The Mage Exam Arc is an absolute outrageand it’s not that there weren’t big battles before, but the quality of the production at that time skyrocketed to brutal levels.
  • On a character level, I think Frieren alone is worth his weight in gold. It allows you to explore the world of fantasy with a very unusual perspective and with nuances that only the finest brush is capable of capturing. The same could be said about someone like Himmela ‘flashback’ but at the same time a personality with more pure essence than many central protagonists of today’s anime.

Frieren” does the things it does incredibly well, and in the end that’s what it means to be in the conversation for being the best anime in history. That’s why other animes like “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood”, “Monster”, “Shingeki no Kyojin” and many others are also there.

“Frieren” currently has a 9.39 on MAL, and as I mentioned at the beginning of the article, that makes it by far the highest-rated anime on the platform. Does that make it the best anime in history? Well no, but what it does tell you is that it is a truly special work that has put many people in agreement, and that in the end is what shows the value of a job. Everything else that follows will be largely imposed by each person’s personal tastes, but that does not stop us from enjoying true gems like this one.

Where can you watch the Frieren anime?

In case you are curious and want to see for yourself if this anime is as good as its fame says, I confirm that you can find it on Crunchyroll. No, Netflix, Disney+ or other platforms where you watch anime will not work for you this time.

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