Is the author of Made in Abyss a pedophile? And his fans? War breaks out between K-POP fans

Made in Abyss“It is neither for all audiences nor tastes. It is a very beastly work in every sense and can really affect a person’s sensitivity a lot. Even so, I personally consider it an exceptional work in its beastliness. That said, being so extreme and always navigating on the edge of ethics means that there may be those who are not not at all in accordance with what is representedwhich has recently caused it to explode an anti-pedophilia discourse on social networks against “Made in Abyss” and everything that surrounds it.

What happened to cause the war to break out with Made in Abyss?

As they collect in Sportskeedait turns out that the origin of all this is found in the fact that a series of K-Pop stars have recently talked about “Made in Abyss” as a work they have enjoyed.

Below you can see a little video of one of the moments that triggered this whole discussion (via @jieunkai):

As you can see, the sequence focuses on the artist Woozi recommending a series of anime of a very wide variety: from “Komi Can’t Communicate” to “Jujutsu Kaisen”, also passing through the center of the controversy “Made in Abyss”. The truth is, I can perfectly share this wide range of taste, and I just as calmly enjoy a volume of “Berserk” as I wish for a new season of “Yuru Camp.”

Even so, the fact of including “Made in Abyss” in this list has not saved him from seeing how social networks were at his throat as well as other K-POP artists who have also recently recommended the work. But why does “Made in Abyss” have such a bad reputation?

Is the author of Made in Abyss a pedophile? Why the accusations?

The first thing is to make it clear that The author of “Made in Abyss”, Akihito Tsukushi, has never been accused of pedophilia in any form and/or degree. The only known mangaka to be affected by something like this was that of “Rurouni Kenshin”, Nobuhiro Watsuki, who was even condemned but without being subjected to very severe punishments (you just have to see that there is a new anime on air and that also has been working on a new manga arc for some time).

So if there is nothing that really splashes the author, Where do all the accusations of pedophilia come from? Well, from scenes like the following:

made in abyss
One of the many scenes of child nudity that can be found in Made in Abyss

Yes, in “Made in Abyss” The protagonists are kids and yes, on multiple occasions they are shown naked or in a context that is not… ‘appropriate’Let’s say in some way. However, at least in anime, I’ve never personally felt like I’m watching gratuitous child sexualization. With this I mean that Everything that pushes the limits in “Made in Abyss” is part of the work as a whole.

“Made in Abyss” is a work extreme in every sense: emotionally, viscerally, violently; It does not have a middle ground because its objective is to represent that wild world that exists in the depths that our protagonists explore.. It is a world without quarter in which death and destruction can appear even from the most unpredictable things.

The conclusion of all this is that I can understand why people hate and denounce a work like “Made in Abyss” (I have also seen it with “Berserk”), although at the same time I defend facts such as that it has exceptional world-building, and a simply vibrant plot. What does seem excessive to me is going down the throat of someone who is answering a question that their fans have asked them and in which the answer is not singular, but falls within a total of very varied tastes. And no, I am not a fan of K-Pop nor do I have the slightest idea who this artist is.

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