Is the movie worth it?

We are in an important weekend for anime fans in Spain. And it is that The movie “Blue Giant” has arrived in our cinemas. This event is accompanied by good and bad news. The bad thing is that The number of theaters that screen it is quite limited. The good one, that we can take a gift if we go to the cinema to see it.

In fact, I just left the cinema, and I’m going to tell you What did I think of “Blue Giant” and is it worth it?. If you are hesitating whether or not to go see this feature film that has brought us Select Visionyou might be interested in knowing my impressions, so… let’s go with it!

My opinion on Blue Giant

There are several points that I think are worth highlighting:

  • This is the story of three boys in their early 20s who have the dream of reaching the top with their jazz group. The film collects the clash between the ardent effort of young people and a world that is harsh and cruel with this type of pure desires. ✅
  • Logically, if you like jazz it is a great plus point, but The film is equally enjoyable even if we do not feel a special affinity for this type of music.. 🎶🎷
  • Visually, the film meets with note. However, it is also true that the use of CGI is a bit out of place at some points. 👀
  • On a sound level, it is a great show in which quite a bit of jazz sounds. Just to enjoy the great songs with the supreme cinema audio is worth paying for a ticket. 👂🏻
  • The pacing of the film is perfectly balanced.. Its 2 hours duration is very enjoyable, and you don’t feel like it goes too fast or feels heavy. ⚖️

So… is Blue Giant worth it?

Short and clear answer: YES, IT’S WORTH IT. If I had to give it a grade, I would give it an 8.. Personally, I’m not a fan of jazz, but I really liked this movie. It’s a bit of the same thing that has surely happened to more than one of you with volleyball and “Haikyuu!!”.

Furthermore, as I mentioned before, It is a film that is very worth seeing in the cinema. Music is one of the main protagonists, and nowhere will you hear it as well as in the living room.

Blue Giant poster

To close this article, I want to leave a reflection: What a shame that a film as good as this is going to go so unnoticed in our theaters (only 48 have wanted it, and with few sessions).

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